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Agreed Record 

Ukraine – EU negotiations on a Common Aviation Area Agreement

Kyiv, 20-21 July 2009

1. The third round of negotiations on the Ukraine – EU Common Aviation Area Agreement took place in Kyiv on 20-21 July 2009. The list of delegations of the EU and the Ukrainian side are attached (Annex I). The meeting took place in a very constructive atmosphere.

2. Both sides made substantial progress in discussing the draft Agreement. The result of the discussions is attached to this Agreed Record in Annex II.

3. It was agreed that the next round of negotiations should take place in Brussels in November 2009 with a view to finalise the Agreement. In the meantime, further contacts at technical level will take place to make the necessary adjustments in the text with regard to legal and structural issues, including concerning Article 2 (Definitions).

4. Both sides discussed the Working Arrangement between the Ukrainian authorities and EASA as well as the follow-up to the safety assessment visit by the EU in Ukraine in May 2009. With regard to the Working Arrangement, it was agreed that a meeting should take place in Brussels as soon as possible and in any case prior to the fourth round of negotiations.

For the Ukrainian delegation                                     For the EU delegation

Oleksandr Davydov                                                    Olivier Onidi  

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